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Birthdays are coming up!

Since our birth story thread got deleted, how about we share birthdays!  I swear we had some in April, maybe even March? 

Early babies, it's time to shake it!

Baby G born 6/6/14, 37 weeks 1 day due to preeclampsia.  5lb12oz 19"
#2 due Christmas 2016. 

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Re: Birthdays are coming up!

  • We did have some early babies! I want to hear all the plans! Mine's a late baby. All the better to borrow ideas with ;)
  • I'm actually planning on doing a "Lemonade Stand" themed birthday party for Adele.
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  • Secret Garden theme for my July baby
  • Possibly shrek theme. Everytime Leonardo sees donkey he cracks up. If no real theme, we are still having a pool party for his bday. I can't believe it's been almost one year.
    *cries away

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


  • 1st birthday was 2.5 weeks ago. Had a rainbow colored theme (no actual rainbows, just ROYGBIV decor). Even had rainbow layered cake covered in sprinkles. It was amazing.
  • Meeska Mooska....We are having a "splashtastic" pool party Mickey Mouse style! I can't believe he will be 1 Friday!!

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  • We are having a Pirate Pool party on the 25th!  Can't wait!  What are you all getting your little ones for their birthdays?

    If you don't have one already, I highly recommend a splash table.  We have a pirate ship splash table and he loves it...that's what inspired the pirate theme! 
  • We are having a Minnie mouse themed poolerefic party for Anaya this saturday
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