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Any one still there??

I haven't been on in a long time I don't like the update or all the drama but miss you ladies is anyone still around??
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Re: Any one still there??

  • ::waves Hi::

    I check in about once a week but nothing but crickets lately!

  • Hi!! How are you?
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  • we're good!  will be undergoing house renovations shortly so lots of excitment!
    DD has moved from a crib to a bed finally and is loving it... still not potty trained tho boo...  otherwise... SSDD!
  • We're good!! Sick of winter it's been long and cold and we're ready for spring! I'm hoping to potty train next week I'm doing a modified three day with him. He's getting so big I can't believe my baby isn't a baby any more
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  • Hey! I only check in once every few months but I have another little dude running around now so finding Internet time is hard enough. Glad to hear all is well!! Winter has been too long!!! It's nice that we are finally having some 50degree weather :)

                                                                DS #1 born 05/25/2012   
                                                         BFP#2:  06/12/2013 ---- loss
                                                                DS #2 born 4/08/2014
          BPF#4: 2/1/2016 --- 2/23/2016 suspected molar pregnancy--- 3/15/2016 D&E - diagnosis MM
                                                                   BFP#5 - 9/22/2016
                                                                                                                                     * formally bornmommy

  • Hi ladies!!!!!!!! I miss you all. I haven't even been on my computer much lately since being in school again.

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  • I'm here. Not on much anymore because I'm now a SAHM and busy with both kids. Plus, the last few times I've logged on, not much activity. I miss talking to all of you! Where'd everyone go?
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