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Quitting my daycare.... Nervous!

A spot just opened up at a tiny daycare center (10 little ones), we just toured it and love it- it costs less, they make healthy food for the children, and it's less hectic than our current place....So a win win win. I have to tell my current daycare today and I'm so nervous... I feel like I'm quitting a job!
Has anyone else gone through this? I assume the transition should be ok for C.

Re: Quitting my daycare.... Nervous!

  • I've never gone through this, but good luck! Remember that this change is what you want.
  • Good luck!
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  • We did because we moved...had to do 30 day notice. I just made sure to do something nice for the teachers on our last day.
  • We quit our first daycare after two days bc I ended up hating how they treated infants. If they weren't stuck in a high chair they were just putting them in a crib. I didn't want to burn a bridge though, so I totally lied and claimed I didn't get a raise we had anticipated and so it was too expensive. They were very kind and understanding though.
  • Phew went better than I thought it would- they require a 30 day notice and the new place is ok with us starting after our 30 days. Hopefully it ends up being the right choice!
  • We switched to a different daycare after about two months in with our first child. There wasn't anything really wrong with the first, the second one was just better. I have never regretted that decision. We're so happy with the daycare. It's just a feeling that you know it's right.
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