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UPDATE:results are in! Maternit21 anxiety continues

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Updated : This is what Loss brain does to you, you feel like you'll always be on the bad end of the odds, but I'm happy to announce my Dr. called (she's just wonderful)  and I screened negative for the three big chromosomal issues and in addition my NT came back ok, Drs said like 1:250 which based on my age  is really good so clearly I misread the scan measurements..AND, we're having a GIRL! I'm besides myself and started balling on the phone.. huge relief!

I finally worked up the nerve to call and see if my Maternit21 results were in yet, and the receptionist had to call the lab because they hadn't received them yet, she had me on hold forever in which time I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. She finally came back and said the lab had located the results and would fax them over immediately, she said she had to pass it off to a nurse and that the nurse would call me today. 

Of course that logically makes sense right, they can't have the medical receptionist give me results, it has to be nurse. But my mind is of course running wild! I'm gonna loose my mind!

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Me 43 DH 48 Not actively ttc, surprise BFP on 1/6/11! 4/1/11 m/c our sunshine at 16wks after complications from CVS test.  *5th cycle after loss 12/6/11 BFP! Missed m/c at 9 weeks 1/21/12, trisomy 14. Two Chemical PG 3/12&7/12
** BFP 8/16/12 beta #1 148! beta#2 407 beta #3 4000 u/s 9.10 1 lovely hb 126, Baby Boy born 5/6/2013!

TTC #2, bpf 1/15/15 Baby Girl due Oct 1! She's here, 9/26/2015! 

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Re: UPDATE:results are in! Maternit21 anxiety continues

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