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Hypothyroidism diagnosis - just go on meds? Any one else TTC and hypo?

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Hi ladies

So I had my consult with the fertility nurse at my OB last week during what though was my AF. Turns out that the bleeding was actually a miscarriage. Apparently I don't express hcg in my urine so all my home tests as well as the test my doctor gave me at the consult was BFN. My blood test a few days later was BFP but bleeding continued and now testing negative and apparently have had a miscarriage. My doctors office screwed up royally which is a separate conversation but if you care it's posted here:


So back to the point - my infertility blood work up showed TSh at 4.55 and I was diagnosed hypothyroid, which could have contributed to the loss. I was somewhat in a daze when she told me this so I didn't ask many questions, I was just told she was putting me on synthroid and will retest in 30 days. I did ask how long I have to take the Synthroid and she said forever.

Now, I'm one of those ridiculously health-conscious people. I'm a vegetarian I only eat organic and I try to avoid prescriptions in favor of supplements wherever I can. Now that I'm feeling up to tackling the thyroid issue I'm doing some research and finding that yes the Synthroid is a lifelong commitment and may possibly further hurt your thyroid function. I'm also reading up about possible supplements that can be used instead of the Synthroid but finding that many of them are not approved for pregnancy and if they're not approved for pregnancy I would imagine not good to start or start depending on when you're TTC.

Have any of you with hypothyroid experienced a loss that you or your doc feels may be attributed to the thyroid condition?

And anyone on Synthroid or any supplements care to share what they have experienced?

Anyone know of thyroid supplements safe for pregnancy?

If I was not TTC I would be going the route of supplements. I did start taking L Tyrosine and Kelp but I know the kelp is a no no for pregnancy so won't take it for long.

Because of the loss I'm nervous to mess around with not taking the medication because I want to try again next cycle, and I'm worried about the thyroid being a factor in my ability to conceive or retain a pregnancy.

Thanks girls :)

Re: Hypothyroidism diagnosis - just go on meds? Any one else TTC and hypo?

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year and my levels were at 10! I was told I had to wait until my levels were under control before TTC again. I am currently taking Synthroid. Ask your Dr before trying again because thyroid issues increase risk of miscarriage. Good luck to you!

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  • Are you on Levothyroxine?  That is what I was put on and this is a naturally produced hormone by the body.  It is safe during pregnancy.  In fact, if you have hypothyroidism, it is much safer to be on this than go untreated.  It is a Category A medication:

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  • Thanks ladies, makes me feel better that you are taking these meds while TTC. It seems supplements are mostly not ok!
  • During my first set of blood tests I had TSH levels of 5.0 (Dr. said 2.5 is the ideal level). I was put on levothyroxine ASAP. Three weeks later I miscarried. I had my levels checked again last week and they are now down to 2.4. It has only been a few weeks, so I'm really very surprised that it has already made a difference. I also got my antibodies checked to ensure I don't have Hashimoto's, which would mean that I'd need to take thyroxine for the rest of my life. 

    All the best with your treatment. We will be TTC in three months and I'm hoping by then that my thyroid levels are still in what my Dr deem "safe levels". 
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