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I'm 37 and about 6 weeks pregnant. I miscarried in aug so I've been going to get my hcg levels checked. I'll be going for an ultrasound wed. When I saw my reg dr last week, she told me no running or strenuous exercising until I see my obgyn. I won't see her until the end of April. So now I'm afraid of working out at all! I live in fear everyday of losing this baby too. I don't want to gain too much weight (I'm starving all the time) yet I'm terrified to exercise.

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  • i can understand.  I normally, non pregnant, keep a pretty strenuous exercise routine.  I have had bleeding in the majority of my pregnancies, in the beginning.  I cut exercise so as not to aggravate the situation any further.  Its really hard for me to start back up exercising once I stop.  Besides losing my motivation, I tend to have bad all day morning sickness for at least 18 weeks.  Add in pregnancy fatique and the fact that I school my children at home and have a hard time during our busiest months finding time for much of anything besides school , plus the fact that I have  a pretty busy full household (this is my 8th baby).

  • I completely understand. Not pregnant, I'm working out 7 days a week.. at least 60 minutes.. really into strength training. I've had several early losses and one late loss at 20 weeks. My late loss scared me more than my early losses. When I lost at 20 weeks, that changed everything. My OB's don't let me have sex, do any strenuous activity, no lifting over 25lbs, they tell me to even try to avoid too much walking or stairs etc. It's HARD. So I tend to gain more than I would like to even though I don't really eat horribly when I'm pregnant. My husband gets irritated because he's going so long without sex. lol It's just hard. I lost 50lbs after my son. 60lbs after my daughter and I'm sure I'll have 40-50lbs to lose this time as well.  I literally had just lost 60lbs when I took the pregnancy test this time around. I was supposed to go cross fitting that weekend.. had just done my first 5k that summer.. was trying to train to do a 10k.. I mean it was like what?!!  I love working out. and every time I have a baby it's like starting from square one allll over again.  
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  • It's tough.  I wanted to start running again and do a 5K in April.  Found out I was pregnant just before I planned on implementing the running routine.  My fiance and I walk a lot, maybe four miles a night, four times a week.  I am still doing that, though I am tired a lot AND a lot slower than before.  And it's probably only three days a week now.

    I am nervous about gaining too much weight.  I used to be a pretty big girl, but lost 45 pounds eight years ago through running and watching what I eat.  So far, I have gained 13 pounds with this LO and I am at 24 weeks.  I am hoping to not gain more than a total of 20 pounds, but I don't know if that's realistic as I know a lot of the weight comes on at the end.
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  • I used to be in fantastic shape (competitive swimming, triathlons, etc) and then finally ended up with enough injuries that I couldn't exercise at the intensity level required to keep the weight off. So I started gaining. Then I had DS #1 and worked with a personal trainer to lose the baby weight. It worked. And I kept losing. I was finally getting my old athletic build back. But once I got pregnant with this one, I was too sick to exercise anymore. The m/s was so bad that I was losing a pound per day. Nothing worked. We finally came up with a combination of 5 or 6 different meds to keep me hydrated enough to function. But they totally knocked me on my butt and I could barely stay awake for work. Exercise was out of the question. Things started to settle down enough in the 3rd trimester that I started low-intensity reformer pilates with a personal trainer. It was enough to keep my low back, hips, and core in check so that I didn't get a lot of the late pregnancy aches and pains. I have them now, but it is baby positioning more than anything.

    Hang in there! In most cases, pregnancy is considered a normal condition in women and it is safe to exercise. High risk pregnancies are an exception. I hope your visit with the obgyn goes smoothly and you're back to exercising in no time.

    I had a loss right before this pregnancy. (I mean, RIGHT before, like we don't really know dates on this one because I didn't have a period between them). We spent the day before the loss at Rocky Mountain National Park. We did a hike around 9000ft and drove up to 13,000-ish. The next day, I started bleeding and cramping. Part of me wonders if they're related. I know they're not, but I wonder. You will always wonder too. It's normal.

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