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3rd Trimester

How many ultrasounds have you had/will you have?

I ask out of curiosity.  I have a lot of anxiety and as an IVF patient I've probably had more than most already.  I requested another one at 35 weeks because I've had a few things I'm worried about and the doctor is trying to set my mind at ease.  That said, I start to get paranoid that maybe I've had too many and it could hurt the baby.  I've only seen speculative articles online, nothing that seems overly scientific, but I'm just curious about everyone else.  (I had one at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 11 weeks, 12 weeks, 19 weeks, and 28 weeks.)  How many ultrasounds have you had/ will you have?

Re: How many ultrasounds have you had/will you have?

  • I had one at six, eight, and twenty one weeks. I also did IVF so I think I had an extra one in there at the RE's office. My best friend actually did IVF two weeks after me and she has seriously had like twenty ultrasounds due to vanishing twin and some early on bleeding. She was teetering between three different offices at the time, so she took them any time she could. She doesn't seem super worried about the effect of the actual ultrasounds. I don't think you should beat yourself up too much about them! They were something you obviously needed and if it put your mind at ease and kept your stress at a minimum, that's what was best for baby. I had to take oxycodone and dilauded because of kidney stones three times and I try not to worry about it too much! Just try and look to the future :)
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    With my first son, I had them at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks, and then one a week (a quick biophysical profile) until I delivered at 38 weeks. I was high-risk due to my health history, and was diagnosed at my anatomy scan with IUGR. 
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  • I would get them weekly with first child starting in 3rd tri, and every two weeks with 2nd child starting at 24 weeks
  • Lurking here but I'm almost 22 weeks and have had 7 so far with 2 more scheduled within the next 4 weeks. I'm high risk so they are checking me every 2 weeks for a while. I worry about how it will impact our baby but if they don't do it and miss a problem, I risk losing the baby. I sort of think of it as having to choose the lesser of two evils :-/
  • I had ultrasounds at 12w, 20w, 27w (3 times), 32w and 36w. I had some issues, first with bleeding and then with the positioning of the baby, which caused the extra scans. All of them where medically motivated, so it would probably have hurt more not to get them because the doctors would not have had a clue about what was going on in there. If your doctor is ok with it I think you should be fine.
  • I have had 1 at 20 weeks with no plans for more unless there is an issue
  • I had one to establish placement in the uterus (vs ectopic or other) at 9 weeks and the a/s at 19 weeks. Now I'm 28 weeks and don't think I'll get any more unless problems occur. Maybe a quickie right at the very end there to make sure baby isn't breech before birth
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  • I had a dating u/s around 9 weeks, another u/s at 11 weeks to check for the heartbeat because they couldn't hear it, an NT scan around 13 weeks, an a/s at 21 weeks, and I will have another u/s next week at 29 weeks because I had lost a lb at my last appointment and they want to get some measurements on baby to check his weight.

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  • I had one at 8 weeks to confirm pregnancy, 12 weeks to measure NT, and 17 weeks for A/S. No plans for any more that I'm aware of. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen him! :(

  • I have had an u/s every single appointment with all three of my pregnancies.  Its just standard in the practice I go to.  With my first pregnancy I had a a breech baby from 30 weeks on who never flipped. At my 39 week appointment my fluid was really low and I was sent for a second option. It was in fact very low and I had my c-section that day. So I am glad I had frequent u/s. No issues with #2 and so far none with #3.    

  • I have had 4 so far but they are monitoring something around the brain so I assume 2 more unless it goes away. Preferably I was fine with 2.
  • I'm 25 weeks and I've had 5 and having another tomorrow which will make 6. I switched doctors which caused for an additional one and my baby hasn't been cooperative in the last two to get all the necessary pictures.
  • I'm 25 weeks and I've had three. 7 weeks, 17 weeks, and 25 weeks. I requested the last one. Not sure how many more I'll get. I didn't know having lots of ultrasounds was harmful.
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    I'm currently 35 weeks.  I had 1 at 20 weeks and even with that one we debated on whether or not to have it.  

    I am AMA (36 yrs. old).  I think most OB/GYNs would have me do more u/s but my midwife doesn't push anything unless absolutely necessary.  My LO#1 was born healthy, I'm very healthy so with this pregnancy neither midwife nor I have any concerns or reasons to do another u/s.  

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  • I've had 5. First at 10 weeks to date. Second at 19 weeks to check baby's development but he wasn't position well so I went in the next week to redo. Then I've had 3 after 30 weeks to measure babes cause he's so big.
  • At ten weeks they just took a quick picture with vaginal probe which apparently I was lucky to get. I cried at the next appointment when they told me I would only have the one at 18 week anatomy scan. They did do a follow up at 28 weeks because his kidneys appeared enlarged(that worked itself out than goodness). At 29 weeks I went to a 3d ultrasound place out of pocket for piece of mind. I wish they would do one more but not if it means something has to be wrong so now I just want him out!
  • I've had 6 this pregnancy as well. 1 was too early to see baby/date as all you could see was the sac. Then another 2 weeks later to confirm pregnancy/dating and heard heartbeat. Then I had some light bleeding around 10 or 11 weeks and they did one for peace of mind and to check that everything was ok. I then had the NT scan at 12 weeks, and the anatomy scan at 20. I had to do a follow up anatomy scan as they couldn't get all the pics of the heart that they wanted (this happened with both my pregnancies --- stubborn babies).

    Actually I believe I had another small one in the dr's office --- just the mobile one because I was really nervous in the beginning. I had a miscarriage immediately prior to this pregnancy and my dr's office took the position it was better for me to not stress and have that peace of mind.

    I don't think I will have anymore unless something comes up medically to require one.

    I have chosen not to do 3D or 4D scans... since they aren't necessary, I'm personally not comfortable.

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  • I've had one once a week since February cause my baby is measuring small for her gestational age.
  • I had one at 8 weeks, 13 weeks (NT test), 20 week anatomy scan, and 21weeks due to bleeding. I got admitted to antepartum for low amniotic fluid and pre-eclampsia 1 week ago so I get daily morning Biophysical profile ultrasounds to monitor her fluid level. I trust my OBGYN and maternal fetal medicine doctors to do what is right.
  • With my first pregnancy, I had 2, one at 12 weeks and another at 18 weeks.

    With this one, I had one at 8 weeks (to date it since we weren't sure how far along I was), 13 weeks, 18 weeks, 21 weeks (MFM - ONTD scan), 26 weeks (MFM - growth scan).  I will have another at 34 weeks (growth scan).  I assume at that point I'll be done, unless something comes up.

    Usually my doctor just does the 2, though.
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    I have what is considered a high risk pregnancy, had a cerclage put in at 16 weeks and I've had thus far 6 u/s and I'm currently 24 weeks. I had at 8 weeks (2), 12 weeks, 16weeks, 20 weeks and 22 weeks and will probably have at least 2 more
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    5 or 6 total 
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  • I've had three one at the very first appt. Then one at 20 weeks for gender then a 4D an don't plan on anymore unless something is wrong or worried about.
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    I've had 4 - one to date the pregnancy at 6 weeks, another at 12 weeks (nuchal scan), a 20 week anatomy scan, and a follow  up scan at 28 weeks to check on a possible placenta previa situation. I'm 35 weeks now and don't expect to have any more scans - next time I see baby will be at labor time.

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    I'll be 30w tomorrow. I've had 6w, 7w, 8w, 12w, 16w, 20w, 24w. I'm scheduled a 31w u/s next week. I think I'll have 2 more after that.

    This is due to age (38), working with an RE and a stillbirth last year.

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    I have had ones at 7, 8, 10, 19, and 28 weeks. (I'm 25 and low risk.) The 7 and 28 week ones were extras- When I first went in I thought I was 8w3d and baby was only measuring 7w3d so my doctor had me come back for the official dating ultrasound a week later. The 28 week one was because at my 19 week anatomy scan my doctor thought my placenta was shaped a little funny and she wanted to double check to make sure baby was doing okay. As far as I know, I won't be getting any more unless something concerning happens.
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  • I've had two. One at 7 weeks and the other at 20 weeks. That would be it, but we are electing to get the 4D ultrasound as well.
  • With #1 I only had one at 20ish weeks. With #2 I had two (dating at 6 weeks and a/s).
    With #3 I had a dating u/s, the a/s, another two days later, and then after that went every 3 weeks due to dilated kidneys and an irregular bladder.
    This time I'll probably end up only having two (dating and a/s).
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  • June 4th will be my 5th (and possibly last). I had some bleeding initially, then the Materniti21 and sonogram, then the growth one, then one to make sure an anomaly resolved itself, and this next one is to check in on the fibroid they found at the 2nd sonogram.

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    I have had a lot ... But I did IVF (so 4 US before 10 weeks - for confirmation and also one bleeding scare), I have growth scans with MFM every 4 weeks after being released from RE, so I would guess that's been around 6 so far. I also receive a quick scan to check heartbeats at each doctor appt (this is the policy for twins- no dopplers) which I has probably been 8 or 9. So somewhere around 18-ish.

    I trust my doctors and am not concerned about the number. The goal is to monitor the babies as effectively as possible and check for health! Try not to stress!
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  • i think i may be the only one who had the most done but i had 40+ but i was requested to get many done to see how my baby growth.
    2 @ 9wks 7 @ 20wks 6 @ 24wks 8 @ 27wks 7 @ 30wks 3 @ 31wks 4 @32wks 4 @34wks 4 @35wks 1 @36wks 2 @37wks ....
  • I had a baby last year that we lost with Edwards Syndrome, so as a result I have had a few extra scans this time round and we have also been part of a study that includes scans so I have had scans at week 6, 10, 12, 16, 20, 21, 22 (twice) and I have one more at 34. It's usual in the NHS to just have two scans if everything is going as normal so I am sure I will be panicking not knowing how things are going in there if I get pregnant again!
  • Wow I'm surprised by how many people can get! My doc office only does one at 20 weeks unless there's a cause for concern. I did have one at 8 weeks for dating.. I don't think it's limited bc it's harmful, more about them being expensive.

    My doctor told me she did them all the time on herself while pregnant. Knowing that, we have done some of our own (we work in an ER with access). It's fun for a quick profile, but nothing like the cool 3D ones the OB has. So-I wouldn't worry!
  • I had one at 9 weeks, 19 weeks for anatomy scan. 2 elective 4d one at 17 and one at 30 weeks. I have one weekly starting next week and a weekly non stress test secondary to gestational diabetes since I'm on insulin
  • I've had one at 8 weeks, two at 12 weeks, one at 14 weeks, one at 18weeks, one at 21 weeks, one at 23 weeks, one at 27 weeks, One at 28 weeks and I have one coming up and I'll be 34 weeks. I am high risk though but it seems like I've had a ton.
  • 3 this pregnancy. I didn't know my dates so dating scan, anatomy scan and having another because they couldn't get a good view of his heart. Only had anatomy scan with my first
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    Standard US uses sound waves to reflect an image of baby and anything else they need to look at. As an OT (occupational therapist) I have performed US (at a different frequency) on patients 3-5 days per week for a couple of months at a time, of course this is not typically done in OT over the abdomen, usually on a hand, shoulder, foot, knee, etc. But US is considered a very safe therapy when performed by a trained professional and those that perform US for fetal monitoring purposes are highly trained. Not sue if that eases any unease you might feel, but as far as my training has taught me, US is a very safe method of monitoring unless you have a contraindication (such as an open wound, malignancy, or unhealed fracture directly in the area). 

    And I've had 3 so far with at least one more (3D, elective) planned for the next couple weeks. 
  • Had 3 so far. First was a viability scan at 6w 5d. Second was at 7w 4d due to bleeding. Third was 20 week scan. Next is in about 10 days - growth scan and NST.
  • i think i may be the only one who had the most done but i had 40+ but i was requested to get many done to see how my baby growth. 2 @ 9wks 7 @ 20wks 6 @ 24wks 8 @ 27wks 7 @ 30wks 3 @ 31wks 4 @32wks 4 @34wks 4 @35wks 1 @36wks 2 @37wks ....
    Are you counting how many pictures you got back? 
    How did you get 8 ultrasounds @ 27 weeks? Like one ultrasound a day for the whole week? or 8 pictures?
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  • asun123 said:

    i think i may be the only one who had the most done but i had 40+ but i was requested to get many done to see how my baby growth.
    2 @ 9wks 7 @ 20wks 6 @ 24wks 8 @ 27wks 7 @ 30wks 3 @ 31wks 4 @32wks 4 @34wks 4 @35wks 1 @36wks 2 @37wks ....

    Are you counting how many pictures you got back? 
    How did you get 8 ultrasounds @ 27 weeks? Like one ultrasound a day for the whole week? or 8 pictures?

    I was thinking he same thing! I've had 6 done total but my US tech is awesome and always prints me lots of pictures.
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