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More sleep issues- trying to give up nap and saying, "I'm scared." What to do?

We haven't slept great since our kids were born. It has always been SOMETHING! DD had a sleep study last year, started iron for "restless leg" and has greatly improved. DS used to be our great sleeper, but for the last 3-4 months, he is waking up almost every single night. They are in toddler beds, with childproof covers on their door knobs. He will wake up crying/screaming, run to his door, turn on the light, and pound on his bedroom door until we come. He can't tell us why he woke up or why he is crying. We have discussed this with our pediatrician and he is having a head MRI on Friday to rule out a Chiari malformation. He had an MRI about 2 years ago for his large head and the MRI showed "low lying cerebellar tonsils." If this MRI shows a Chiari malformation, the answer could be that since it causes night time headaches. This doesn't explain why he does this during his nap though.

DS and DD are trying to give up naps I think. They just cry/yell in their room until I finally give up. Today, DS was able to tear the childproof door knob cover off of his door and went to his sister's room. But, he still ended up crying and yelling, banging on her door for me. When I went up there they both told me they were, "too scared." They have been saying this a few times They won't say what they are afraid of and I can't tell if it is just a tactic to get out of a nap or to sleep in our bed. DS is seriously upset though when he cries/screams/bangs on the door.

If they skip a nap, they definitely get crabby at dinner time and it doesn't necessarily help night time sleep.

I am exhausted and not sure what else to do.

Any ideas?

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