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Baby Shower successful --What all did you get and what do you have left to get

Hi everyone,

Had my 2nd baby shower this past weekend!! It was great!! I was wondering what all did you all get for your shower gifts and what else do you need??. We mainly got clothes (0-3 mths, 3-9 mths, and some 12 mths). We did however get a couple of newborn outfits, but not many. So glad there were not duplicate clothing that I had already purchased....LOL, We have a good bit of bibs and socks too. Other things we got besides clothing were pack n play (We may take back and upgrade), 2 diaper bags, a couple of bottles, burp cloths, wash cloths, 2 hooded towels, receiving blankets, body wash and other toiletries,, bobby pillow, socks, tons of blankets, wipes, diapers, pacifiers, we got a monitor (we may take back, its basic we want one with camera) and nursery accessories. 

We already had before shower: Crib, mattress, bassinet, and car seat and stroller

Still need to get bottles, laundry detergent, accessories for nursery(not necessity), breast bump accessories,  would like a glider, 0-3 sleepers, shorts to wear with onesies, glider/swing/bouncer, bottle nipples, would like infant carrier, monitor, and high chair 

Are these necessary?

Bottle warmers, drying rack, diaper pail (I kinda want

Re: Baby Shower successful --What all did you get and what do you have left to get

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    I apologize. I realize you must have meant 2nd shower as a second group for your first. The way I read it was a shower for a second child.
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  • None of the baby stuff is really nessesary to tell you the truth. We never got a highchair and bought a hook on booster seat that goes on a regular chair. It was much more affordable. I would look at buying that second hand though. Bottle warmer, I didn't use much, you can run a bottle under hot water or stick one in a crock pot (that's what the daycare does). Drying rack and diaper pail I used a lot and they aren't that expensive. Even though it is used only for a short time, the bouncy seat is worth getting. It is a lifesaver! (Strap baby in and you can take a quick shower while watching them) Baby carrier or sling is great even for walking around the house hands free. Baby's go through a clingy phase and won't let you put them down. You don't need everything right away either. You can't use a highchair until they can sit up etc. so you can take your time and buy things as needed.
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