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Huntsville - Dr. Cimino or Dr. Aguayo?

Hello all!

I'm new around these parts. My husband and I are TTC for the first time starting this cycle. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in February after a laparatomy to figure out what the heck a 10" mass was surrounding my left ovary. Path said the biopsy was endo. They had to remove that ovary, and then told me that the other ovary could follow suit and have an endometrioma growing on it within just a few years, so we were told if we wanted kids, the sooner the better. We've only been married a few months, but we definitely don't want to miss out on our chance to have our own kids. After giving my body 2 full cycles to recover, we have decided to start trying now.

I've been doing a lot of research in preparation. I don't want to be searching for a doctor when the stick says I'm pregnant, so I've been looking for an OB/GYN. I was using Roberta Ress in Athens for my yearly checkups and had planned on using her when the time came to have kids, but she retired before that could happen lol. We live in Madison County now, and I've narrowed it down to Dr. Cimino and Dr. Aguayo. Personally, I'm more partial to having a woman being all up in my business, but I'm not completely set on it. The doctor who did my surgery was male, and he was more in my business than Roberta ever was for my checkups. However, I do know I want a doctor that is more likely to let me carry to term (possibly even a little past 40 wks) and not try to force a c-section unless it's necessary. The incision from my laparatomy is similar to that needed for a c-section, and it was definitely not a walk in the park for recovery. I can't imagine going through that again with a newborn thrown in the mix.

So to all you seasoned moms out there, which of the two would you recommend and why? And also, if anyone has delivered in the North Alabama area and has endometriosis as well, which OB/GYN do you use? I've tried to find someone who at least keeps up with the endo research in the area, but there's not much you can find online in this area. I want someone I can build a long relationship with, and I've heard of a lot of endo patients whose GYN tells them "it's all in their heads" or talking them into a hysterectomy - 2 things I definitely would like to avoid.

Thanks! :)

Re: Huntsville - Dr. Cimino or Dr. Aguayo?

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    Congrats on your recovery and new marriage!! Hope you conceive soon. I'm actually new to the area as well so I'm not sure
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