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Baby Shower

Hello bumpies. I'm Samantha. Anyways I need some advice. My mom is throwing me a baby shower but she wants it to be at her house; however, she lives about 15 miles away from my friends and my dads family don't feel like going becuase well they don't like my mom. Should I just make an alternate baby shower here in town at my house or should I continue to try to persuade her to change locations?

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  • 15 miles doesn't sound very far. Unless there's some crazy geographical stuff happening there that you haven't mentioned, I think your friends should be able to handle driving 15 miles for your shower without a problem. 
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  • I wouldn't bat an eye at driving 15 miles to a baby shower, even for someone I wasn't super close to.
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    Accept your mom's offer as it is.  I don't see what the issue is over 15 miles. 

    As far as your dad's family goes, either decide to invite them or not.  But that's where it ends.  If they don't want to come (if invited) and still want to attend a shower for you, then someone on that side can offer to throw you a shower.  If they don't offer... oh well, then they don't come to a shower for you.

    YOU absolutely do not throw yourself a shower.  you're not doing THEM any favors "Oh, but I NEED to throw a shower so that they can attend!!!".  Um... no.  As it's a gift giving event, if THEY want to attend and give you something, again, THEY can throw you a shower.

  • I'm not sure I've ever been to a shower that was within 15 miles of my home, unless I was the hostess.  And I live an a pretty densely packed suburban area.  And I've been to PLENTY of showers.

    As for whether you should throw your own shower... refer to what VOR said above.
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  • I think you should graciously accept her terms. 15 miles isn't horrible and it's pretty rude to dictate how she should give you this gift of a shower. If your dad's side of the family doesn't want to go because of your mom, that's their problem. They can either suck it up, not go, or throw their own shower for you. But please don't throw your own, it's tacky to do so.
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