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Bruises won't go away!

I got my Rhogam shot and my TDap shot two weeks ago tomorrow (Monday), and I still have bruises on both of my arms.  The TDap bruise finally seems to be fading, but the Rhogam bruise doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  Has anyone else bruised from these shots and had it last so long?  Should I be concerned?  I feel kind of silly calling my doctor with a question like this, so before I do, I'm just hoping to hear from some other ladies out there who may have experienced the same thing.  Thanks for your input!
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Re: Bruises won't go away!

  • Did you get your Rhogam in your arm? My doctor told me it had to be given in the hip/butt because it's such a big needle and it needed to go straight into the muscle. My injection site was sore for a good week, I can only imagine if I had gotten it in my arm!


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  • I did get it in my arm.  It's not really sore anymore, just an ugly bruise that doesn't want to go away.
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  • when I get blood drawn or vaccines or anything I bruise up quite badly and they last a really long time.  They tend to have a hard time finding a good vein on me which makes things worse...multiple pokes and often they dig that needle around inside hoping it will start flowing.  This really increases the bruising. 

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