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Feeling so much better!

Hello Ladies,
I'm newly married and just decided a month ago to get off my birth control after 8 years. At first I was scared/nervous about the mood changes and feelings I may experience. After getting off of my birth control my period came within 4 days and was very heavy, it ended after 5 days. It's been 20 days and my period app says I'm due tomorrow, I wonder if it will be on schedule? Any way, the whole point of this post is the change in my sex drive- I have noticed a significant increase in my sex drive and my mood, It's crazy I feel so much better! I definitely knew my birth control was effecting my sex drive and I think it was giving me symptoms of IBS  but I kept telling myself I needed to stay on it the pill and didn't want to change the pill I was on. Can any one else relate?  

Re: Feeling so much better!

  • Can't relate to the sex drive. Mine only goes up when pregnant. As to your app, it's crap unless you've been entering your temps every morning into it. Don't get your hopes up on your period not showing up tomorrow meaning you are pregnant. You may be lucky and that's the case, but if not, just know that any period app goes off of averages assuming a 28 day cycle that most women don't actually have and without charting, you don't know when you ovulated and therefore when to expect your period. Good luck.
  • I haven't gone off birth control. We wont be TTC until May but I am curious if I am going to see some positive effects when I come off. I have 0 sex drive. I basically do it for him most of the time. Some times I get into it but either way not actually having that desire has sucked.

    Good luck!
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  • I went off bc in 2011 expecting it to take a while and I got pregnant right away (not saying it will happen but it can). Now I stopped the pill and I have noticed more of a sex drive then while I was on it, and my first month was a 28 day cycle, and I am currently on day 35 for this cycle so it can be all over the place. Really annoying best of luck :)
  • Thank you for your reply! I'm finding that I'm having PMS symptoms but I have no idea when it will come, its been 22 days, I've also noticed my cravings have been extreme within the last 3 days. 
  • I've been on the pill for 10+ years and I've definitely noticed that my sex drive goes up the week of my "period" aka the placebo pill week, and is pretty much nonexistent the rest of the time.  The pill does help with my acne, and also my cramping, so I'm nervous to go off but will be going off in end of May/early June.
  • I definitely experienced the significant change in sex drive.  On BC I have virtually zero sex drive and off it I'm back to being a normal person again.  I am so thankful that I am able to do natural family planning so that I don't have to deal with that again.  If I ever do go back on anything it will be a copper IUD.  Never doing hormonal BC ever again!
  • I've been off the pill for about a week and I've definitely already noticed an increased sex drive. I was on the pill for 4 years and always felt like I was more aggressive because of it, but the verdict is still out on that one....
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  • I was on BCP for 10 years before I went off in 2006 to TTC our first.  I will never use hormonal BC again.  First of all it totally masked PCOS for me.  So I didn't find out I had PCOS until we wanted to TTC.  Furthermore, I lost 10 lbs when I went of BCP, my skin cleared, my moods stabalized.  When I was on BCP I had major PMS- really bad- but I don't have it since being off BCP.

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