Pregnant after 35

Went to the Fetal Maternal Specialist

Appointment went ok. Met with the genetic counselor first, she recommended the Maternit21 test as a follow up, so I had that done. Then we did the Level II u/s, they said everything looked fine but that it was hard to tell since it's still early. They did say it was a boy though, I've been trying to hold it together in front of my family, but I bawled all night. FOUR boys, I can't even. Three put us over the edge which is why we said we wouldn't try again despite dreaming of a girl, but then a contraception failure and here we are. One. More. Boy.  

Oh, and because of my issues with preterm labor with the twins they want me on weekly progesterone injections for the next 20 WEEKS. I am deathly terrified of needles, I was *this* close to passing out when I got the Rhogam shot and my blood drawn. I'm not feeling great right now :(


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Re: Went to the Fetal Maternal Specialist

  •  I'm so sorry you're having to work through all of those things.

    I hope the matern21 results come in quickly and that they bring good news, so that you can focus on the rest of your pregnancy.

    T & P your way.
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  • :(

    Sorry to hear you are having all these troubles.  Am hoping that you get good news from the Maternit21 test and quickly.

    We're here for you so now you can share away.  
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  • Well thats great they couldn't see anything wrong on ultrasound...your test results will put your mind even futher at ease.

    4 boys really aren't all that bad....I will be having my 5th boy and survived 4 boys just fine....I also have 3 girls.  Boys are defnately boys with their rambunctious sort of energy and noises and love of potty humor etc.  But my boys have also been very loving and generous.  And girls, while different than boys, come with their own set of troubles.  Like they are so emotional yes even at a very early age!  The crying and whining can be monumental.  They are about 1000xs more likely to be shouting "mine" than a boy.  As they get old you can throw a group of boys together and they pretty much all get along but throw a group of girls together and things are bound to get catty!  

    Its still very early for and I do know a lot of people who were told one sex early on and a few weeks later they found out indeed that was wrong.  Your matern21 will solve that mystery too!
  • We are having our 4th girl. I definitely had similar feelings as you when we found out. But we are excited now. Took a bit to wrap our heads around. Hope the M21 test results come in soon and ease your worries.
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  • Unfortunately there was no doubt in both the u/s tech and the doctor's mind. It's for sure a boy. I shouldn't be surprised. Dh is one of four boys. His dad is one of three boys. There has been no girls born in several generations. I wish I would have known this before we got married, I would have run for the hills,  but his family is not close and I only met his dad once and never his brothers (they all hate each other). My boys don't get along either.


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  • I'm so sorry you're going through all of this.  I hope that you can focus on the u/s results that didn't show any problems and that the M21 results will also come back normal.  

    I can understand your stress with getting injections so frequently, as I also have a terrible needle phobia.  Have you asked if there are alternatives to the injections?  Pills or suppositories, maybe?  (I know nothing about progesterone supplements, so don't really know if there are viable alternatives to injections, but it can't hurt to ask, right?) 

    I have no specific advice on how to handle four boys, but feel free to vent all you need to on here, and if you're comfortable sharing with close friends or family IRL, maybe that can help you, too.  I hope that over time you will find peace with your situation.  Best wishes to you.
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  • I'm on progesterone shots too because of our loss at 20 weeks a few years ago. It's given in your hip/upper butt so you can't see the needle. It does kinda hurt tho. I don't have any reactions to it other than an itchy welt for a few days. They start at 17 weeks usually and stop at 37. It's worth it tho.

    I have a 6 yr boy and a 2 yr old girl. This is our second boy. I'm not going to lie. I was like ohh crap how am I going to survive another boy. Lol. Because my son is nuts! He's 500% energy ALL day long.
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