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Newborn want to be held all the time!!!

My newborn baby boy wants to be held all times of the day espically at night.. everytime hes awake he wants to be held till he falls asleep then only then i could put him down and if he feels mommy is not holding him he starts to wine then crys. Is this normal behavior for a baby?

Re: Newborn want to be held all the time!!!

  • It's normal. My little one doesn't let me put him down either during the day and at night only after lots of practice of putting him to bed. I can only put him down for maybe 5-10 minutes in the bouncer during the day without him throwing a fit. What really helped me was the moby wrap. That way I have at least both hands free and can get stuff done in the house. 
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    Yes my baby likes the bouncer for only 10 mintues as well..Thanks for the advice Corinna130687
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    I'm having the same problem and she doesn't sleep much durning the day.
  • You should try a new app I just downloaded call baby sleep.. that may help for a bit :)
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