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Super sensitive skin remedies

My 6.5 DD has really sensitive skin.  Car rides (in FL) and holding her for more than 30min breaks her out all over her chest, legs and arms.  She is a very healthy 80th percentile LO, so of course her folds are pretty much always red unless she stays homebound with no one holding her long.  When Grandma was visiting, LO was rash free for 2 weeks, but hard on gma for not getting to hold her long I've been managing it by alternating Aveeno lotion and baby powder 6xday and of course laundry detergent free.  Her exzema usually goes away in a few hours. And then her poop causes open sores in 30min.  That's when I have to use the zinc oxide if it gets that bad.  UGH. Pedi just saw her at her 6m visit, and said to try Aveeno for exzema lotion. If that doesn't help, then he was going to prescribe a cream for her. 
If there is anything that has worked for you that I am not doing, please let me know.  This is my first time dealing with skin sensitivity, so not very knowledgeable about remedies.  THANKS!
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Re: Super sensitive skin remedies

  • Wow, poor thing! I hope she gets relief from the eczema cream. That's what we use and it's awesome. Is there moisture wicking clothing you can try? I don't use them but I have heard cloth diapers wick away moisture better than disposables so maybe that could work? Good luck!
  • How often are you bathing her? Our pedis reccommend that we only bath sensitive skin kiddos once or twice a week unless they get super dirty to let the natural skin oils do their job.  The other thing we've done is Aquaphillic Ointment right after a bath and maybe twice more per day to lock in moisture.  Is there any time that baby can go sans diaper for a little bit?  To let that area be open to air for a few?
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  • Thanks.  Our pedi also mentioned bathing less frequently, but she would still be red.  After keeping a log these past 2 weeks, and starting the eczema cream and her aveeno oatmeal baths, DD redness goes away faster. It seems to be triggered by heat.  I'm fortunate that she doesn't scratch herself to bleeding and I clean her romp nonstop (that's probably now, the least eczema part of her body now). Hoping that once she starts crawling /walking, it'll get better.  What are other experiences' of when LO grew out of this or at least, became easily manageable?
    I will try the ointment, thank you for the recommendation.
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  • For the diaper area, I found that the Honest company healing balm works well. I think my LO has eczema, but it's only in one area (inside her elbow crease). My pedi said to try hydrocortisone cream to get the redness down. I use that and the aveeno lotion on myself, so I'm hoping it will do the trick for her too. 
  • Poor baby :( I use Aquaphor on my son, you may want to try that!
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