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4 centimeters dilated 90%

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Wednesday was my 38 weeks and 1 day check up I was 4 centimeters dilated and at 90% Dr. strip my membranes and told me she could feel the babies head. Thursday my mucus plug came out I've been having consistent contractions 15-30 min apart light not progressive. I'm wondering how much longer till I get to meet my baby and is it safe for me to still be working?

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  • Did you have a question?
  • How far along are you?

    I've been sitting at 3/4cm and 90% for a week. Now I'm 100%. Still no wrk time able contractions.
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  • I'm 38 weeks
  • You could go tomorrow or you could take 3 more weeks.
    Those numbers don't mean much unless they're looking for a bishops score for induction.
  • Yup. My doctor has been saying any day since last week. I'm not in control. Little girl is.
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    Thanks for editing your post. We can't tell you how much longer you have. That is totally up to your baby. Any progress made before going into labor isn't indicative of when it will happen.

    Edited to add: we also can't tell you if it's safe or not to continue working. It depends on your circumstances and what your doctor says.
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