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Being consistent

My daughter turned 2 on the 1st and for the most part is a very sweet, fun little girl, but is also has a very strong willed, independent toddler. TIme outs have just become more regular when needed and she seems to get it, but what do you all do when you have family/friends over and you see she is doing something you have been teaching her not to do, but is being allowed by the family/friend? To give an example...her uncle is here and she hasn't always warmed up to him, but tonight she was entertained by him partly becase he allowed her to kick him and then would laugh because it made her laugh. I obviously don't want her to think it is funny to kick/hurt someone but even when I am saying what I would normally say if she kicked me to her, she just focuses on the fact she got a laugh from him. He has 2 girls as well and knows the deal, but he was more bothered when she pretended to spit on him, so we obviously have different focues...I don't want any of these actions to be ok, but how do you all deal with visitors and making sure all your hard work of discipline doesn't go out the window when you have someone visiting? I make it pretty obvious I do not like them allowing her to do certain things (by telling her/them to stop, etc.) but she is so excited about the new person she no longer listens.
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Re: Being consistent

  • You stay strong and speak up if that's what you feel strongly about. Go over and tell your LO that kicking is NOT ok, then tell that family member "we don't allow kicking because it isn't nice".

    For me, I probably wouldn't have even noticed my LO doing this and honestly probably would have let it continue. I think you just have to take each situation as they come and deal with it the best you know how, in that moment. Make sense? I understand you have good intentions and are trying to teach a 2 year old proper behavior (which is really hard to do) but sometimes shit just happens and you deal with it.


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