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Is the name Rory too feminine for a boy?

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This week I learned why many moms-to-be don't share their baby names. We told my in laws our favorite boy name was Rory and they spent the entire time coming up with "strong" names for us to use instead. So, is Rory a weak name or do you like it for a boy?

Is the name Rory too feminine for a boy? 122 votes

Too feminine for a boy
23% 29 votes
I like it!
63% 77 votes
Not too feminine, I just don't like it
13% 16 votes

Re: Is the name Rory too feminine for a boy?

  • I know a guy named Rory who is very strong and masculine. I knew a girl in high school named Rory who was also strong and, I've always thought of it as a strong name and I have positive associations with the two people I know with that name. Use it! :)
  • I like it a lot! I have a Skyler, and I've been told time and time again "that's a girls name" :-/ I loved it though, and in the end I decided that I didn't care what everyone else had to say!
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    I would've never guessed that that was a more feminine name.
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  • I have only known it to be a boy's name.

  • I automatically associated it with Rory from the Gilmore girls - which may be why some find it feminine. If you like it though, use it!
  • Thanks everyone! I love it, we're still undecided but it's between that and Brody right now.
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    What about Ronan? Not to totally the same but definitely strong.
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    I've only ever heard Rory as a guys name.
  • Me and my partner are naming our boy Rory I think it's a beautiful name for a boy
  • I know a Rory he is far from girly lol
  • My name is Rory!! And I love my name! it's a great name for ether boy or girl.
  • Rory Mcilroy is a famous male golfer
  • I often see Rory for a boy and Ruari for a girl.
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  • Rory Mcilroy is a famous male golfer

    This is exactly why DH loves the name Rory! He always tells everyone, "like Rory Mcilroy..."
  • Rory is a boys name. I have never heard of a girl named Rory. My sister had three Rorys in her third grade class... All boys.

    That being said, I don't like the name. When I try to say it I feel like there is something weird in my mouth.
  • We are thinking of Rory for our boy too...we have a daughter in heaven who is Audrey and my hubby's grandpa was Roy so we liked the Roy with the -ey- for our angel. However, I can't get it to roll right off my tongue...
  • Love the name Rory. I have only known it as a man's name.
    Rory McIlroy is a great professional golfer
    Rory was also a great male character on Dr. who!
    Don't listen to other people though, listen to your own instincts.  If you love a name, use it!
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  • I only knew Rory as a guys name until Gilmore girls. I think it's a great boys name!
  • Thanks everyone I appreciate yall taking your time to help me out!
  • Rory was the boy on the tv show 8 Simple Rules. That's the only time I ever heard it. If you like it go for it!
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    I know a guy Rory so I hear it and think masculine. He also has a really nice butt hahaha ;)
  • We just settled on the name Rory for our boy and now getting negative comments about how it sounds like a girls name and they think of Gilmore Girls. I love the name! Its unique without being too off the wall weird. Due to the unsolicited advice/ opinions we will probably just tell an obviously false name until baby comes since that is everyone's favorite question!
  • Rory is traditionally a boys name. Irish or Scottish I believe. Lately I've seen some girls with it but I always think boy first
  • I can't believe that response we are getting when we mention we are leaning towards Rory...Gilmore Girls and the Kennedy girl must really make an impact b/c all we get are comments about how feminine it is as well.  And, we share the meaning that it is based on family members names that have passed and still nothing...we are back and forth on a couple of names and I think that I am not going to share either until the birth certificate is filled out.
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