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3rd Trimester

How far along am I?

It doesn't really matter but I went to my weekly doctors appt today and they said I'm 35 and half weeks pregnant but according to my ultrasound I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I'm small for where I'm suppose to be at anyways but I'm just curious. It really doesn't matter since it's only a few days different but I'm just curious which one should I believe more. (P.s this isn't new news about the difference in weeks just really curious now)

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  • Which ultrasound are you basing your date off of? An early ultrasound?
    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

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  • It was my first ultrasound. I had at 8 weeks because of complications at the beginning
  • Go by the dating ultrasound done around 8-10 weeks.
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