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A little worried

Hello Everyone,

I come here for advise because I am a nervous wreck.  Last year around this time I had a miscarriage.  I went in to a routine ultrasound  and the babies heart beat was at 70.  The doctor told me to come back 1 week later, which I did. and the ultra sound tech could not find a heart beat.  I was devastated.  A few days later I had a D&C done.  After the allowed time to try again my husband and I were trying to have another child.  Low and behold, 1 day after my missed period I took a pregnancy test thinking it would say "Not Pregnant" and I was pregnant!  We are very excited but apart of me is also really scared.  Here is my I am scared in a nut shell.

I had up till by 4th week of pregnancy I had really bad symptoms.  Constant pressure feeling like my period was going to come, VERY tender boobs.  I was exhausted taking naps in the middle of the day.  These were far more symptoms then my first pregnancy.  Recently, my symptoms have began to diminish.  My boobs are not as tender, I am a little tired but nothing like before. I went to the doctor for my first sonogram biting my nails the entire time.  The baby was there, there was a heart beat (124 BPM's) but instead of what I thought was 6 weeks 4 days I was measuring 5 weeks 5 days.  Could the lack of symptoms mixed in with the smaller baby mean I am going to miscarry again?  I am a nervous wreck.  I have not told ANY Of my family yet that I am pregnant just people at work (Since I am leaving work for the doctors).   My HCG levels were rising appropriately and I Have great progesterone, and the heart beat I think was pretty good.  the doctor said the only thing that is a negative is the lag in dates.  Thanks everyone out there. 

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