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Zipadee Zip

About two weeks ago i transitioned my lo into a homemade zipadee zip because i cant afford one. but i have a question, how long should i keep putting her in the Zipadee Zip before I stop using it for good and put her in her pjs only? She was not bothered at all the first time she slept in it. Though she was already used to a little bit of room since i kind of never swaddle her tight. she always use a sleep sack with arms in. so, yeah, if you used a zipadee zip when and how did you transition to just pjs and was it rough??? Thanks. 

Re: Zipadee Zip

  • Are her arms in now?

    You really just have to go for it and see how she does. My LO sleeps in jammies and a Halo sleep sack (arms out, it's not a swaddle) and she's fine.

  • If you look at a zipadee zip the arms are out its hard to explain
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  • Well they have ones that you can put the arms in, or unzip the arm holes and have the arms out. And I was asking because for us, we did one arm out for like a week, then both arms out and the swaddle wrapped around DD's waist. Not sure if you can do one arm out of the zip thing you have her in now.

    Whatever we did worked and now she just sleeps in her jammies and a Halo sleep sack.

  • I have a Zipadee Zip. Tried it one night but baby is experiencing 4 month sleep regression so we went back to regular swaddling. She did seem to like the oven-mit-like hand sleeves when we tried it. I don't know how long people use Zipadee zips but it could be a long time as their sizing runs HUGE
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