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mommy over daddy???

My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and over the past few weeks she seems to have really recognized and understood that I am mommy.  When I was out of town visiting family, she cried when others held her and was fine with me.  I figured it was the stranger anxiety and her just not being used to those faces.  But she has been like that since we got home too.  Sometimes, well a lot of times, she starts crying when my husband takes her and that makes me feel so bad!!  I know she is just a baby but my husband is really involved and spends time with her after work.  Just curious if anyone else had this experience and what, if anything, they did???  

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Re: mommy over daddy???

  • My LO Does this too with my husband. Mine is very involved with our son, but it doesn't help much that I am a stay at home mom. I try to talk to my LO while my husband is holding him, smile, and say "is that daddy?" He seems to warm up to him a whole lot better. Hope this helps! (:
  • our LO is doing the same. only wants mommy. makes bed time and naps hard.
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  • My DD is doing the same. Sometimes she loves him and sometimes she only wants me. My DH works really long hours and sometimes only gets to see her for about 5 minutes in the morning. It makes him feel so bad. When he is home he is really involved with her. He was talking to a friend about it and he told him that it will pass and kids now chose him everyday over his wife. So just remind your DH that your LO will soon only want him.
  • My wife stays at home so I think it's only natural that my son has a bigger connection with her. I'm fine with it. It doesn't bother me.
  • It's pretty normal for baby to play favorites, and even more normal for stranger anxiety. My girl changes her favorites daily. She knows I'm the one she sees first thing in the morning, and she loves it. But she knows when daddy comes home and heads straight for the door, smiley and bouncy. Sometimes she wants neither of us and wants her aunt, uncle or grandparent. Sometimes she wants nothing to do with them. Heck, my kiddo will crawl to her room for independent play! Babies want whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Just know they are building their brains, don't take it personally.
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