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2 month old throwing up after every feed

Has anyone ever experienced this my 2 month old twin boy keeps throwing up after his feedings the doctor suggested I stop diary wich I have also she subscribed him Zantac and I've been putting rice cereal in his bottle nothing seems to be working I'm getting scared it could be something serious he has lost a lil weight and is giving me wet diapers ??????? Help

Re: 2 month old throwing up after every feed

  • I had to cut out all dairy and I can't eat anything acidic. No red sauce. I have just a very bland diet of oatmeal, rice, chicken and bread. Nothing spicy either. Good luck!
  • I don't want to scare you but when my son was 3 weeks old he was projectile vomiting after every feed and he was losing weight. His dr sent us to get an ultrasound which showed he had Pyloric Stenosis, which is when the muscle that pushes food from the stomach to the bowels is to tight and won't allow anything to pass. They have to go in surgically to correct it. But 2 days after surgery he was eating and keeping down every meal! Just a thought, you may want to ask about it.
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  • Wow thank you so much for that advice they did an ultrasound for that same reason and said his tummy looked fine now they are thinking it's just reflux but I'm still concerned cus with Zantac he's still throwing up :(
  • My son has reflux too. He is taking Zantac and it seems to be working. He eats about 3-4oz a feed every 2-3hrs. We keep him propped up for about 15-25 minutes after every feeding. Lightly rubbing and patting his back to get a burp. He sleeps on a wedge at night. He still spits up some, but it's getting better. Plus this is something that he will most likely grow out of it.
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    If he doesn't seem to get better you might want another one. My son had an ultrasound 2 weeks before and it was fine, it only took two week for him to develop Pyloric Stenosis...
    Maybe ask the dr about another medicine. Have you tried the formula with added rice starch. That will help keep it down since its thicker and won't seep back up into the throat. (I'm janrovito05 from the comment above, I just logged into an old account by accident!)
  • Thank you ladies so much for your responses he just doesn't seem like he wants to eat as much as before but it's only been 3 days on Zantac so I will keep trying
  • Also how often. Do you give them Zantac I'm doing every 12 hours ?
  • My son is on Zantac and it can take a couple of weeks to fully kick in. And yup it's once every 12 hours
  • I tried to feed my baby a small amount but after 1 hour so she did not throw up and it works and now it takes 2 to 3 hour time gap......
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    My son developed pyloric stenosis also within a week. Was admitted into the hospital and had surgery. Now he's perfect!


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  • My 9 week old son was having the same symptoms your describing. The doc changed his formula, diagnosed him with reflux, prescribed Zantac and nothing helped. We took him to a pediatric gastro specialist and they did an upper GI series test and was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. He was admitted and had surgery the very next day. Yes, it's scary, but the surgery was the best thing as the babies can become very dehydrated and malnourished with this condition. Please see a gastro specialist if you haven't already done so.
  • I am on a zero milk protein diet right now. Allergies to this have side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, slow weight gain, trouble sleeping, etc. If that is the issue, cutting dairy alone won't completely help. Google milk protein foods and you will find a list of ingredients to look for. Lots of processed foods you may not think contain them do.
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