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Which formula helped with LO's constipation?

my LO is 4 weeks old and we've tried enfamil newborn, enfamil gentle ease, similac sensitive and now he is drinking gerber soothe. He is still constipated and we have to help him go. I wanted to ask which brands have worked for you and your LO
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Re: Which formula helped with LO's constipation?

  • How often is he going? My doctor told me on formula, they can go as little as once a day and that is still normal. Unless your LO is visably showing discomfort or pain.

    I also think that one of the formula brands makes a specific formula for constipation.


  • Enfamil Reguline is supposed to help. Or a soy formula or predigested formula (like nutramigen) may help also.


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  • How do you know that baby is actually constipated? My DD would go once every 3 days and that was not considered constipation. Are your LO's poops really hard when they come out or pretty soft? If soft then it is not constipation. Sometimes what helps is making the bottle with a mixture of water and a bit of prune juice or fennel tea instead of straight water.
  • How long did you try each formula? Seems like a lot to go through for just being 4 weeks. Also, have you talked to the Ped? Good luck!
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