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New Here. Money Question.

Me and my husband have been married 10 months, together for 3 years. We just recently moved 12 hours away from our hometowns for his job. We are loving our new place and all the new things to experience. With this new move, we are wanting to wait for a couple years before TTC (I will be 27, husband will be 31). We feel we will both be more established at our jobs and want to work on building up our savings account. What do you think is a good amount to save up before baby? I know this might be different for everyone, but just want the opinions of others.

We currently have a little more than 3 months of bills in our savings account. We want to add to that so we will feel more comfortable when we TTC.

If I am in the wrong board for this question, let me know. I am new to this and didn't know where to start. Thanks!

Re: New Here. Money Question.

  • I feel there isn't a set answer. I would say start doing some homework, and talk about if you both will be working after, if you plan on breastfeeding and look into others expenses of having a baby. Then look into the cost of those things in your area, day care costs are very different based on where you live. Figure out what the monthly cost of having a baby should be for your location. Then once you are ready to start trying you can start a baby savings account putting money in there. This will give you a good idea of what things cost by the time you have baby and if you start saving before you have the baby it won't be a big of a shock when baby comes.
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  • Thank you for the advice! We just want to try to be as ready as we can. What we've found from friends and family is if you wait until you're fully ready, you'll never be ready! So we just want to just try to be as prepared as we can! It's a big change and thing to think about.
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  • I agree with PP. Are you going to stay home with the baby or go back to work? Will you need daycare? Take a look at your finances and see how that would work. Personally, my H and I have 6 months of expenses in our emergency fund. Our hope is that I will stay at home, so we are currently living off just my H's income to give us an idea of how it would be. Hope this helps! :)
  • Thanks. We haven't discussed the whole SAH or if I'll go back to work. I think I would go back to work, but I guess that's another thing to think about and look in to. There's just so much to think about!!

  • I agree with all the pp's comments. You have to look into what is best for you even though you really don't have to. My sister and her husband had no savings whatsoever when my nephew was born. Whereas DH and I saved up enough money to live exactly how we do for six months before TTC DS. We are TTC baby #2, and we wanted to have enough saved up to last us at least a year this time. We didn't have to, but that is what we were comfortable with.
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