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almost 8 months and not crawling

my son is almost 8 months and most of the babies around me are crawling and mine is barely sitting by himself. should I be concern?

Re: almost 8 months and not crawling

  • Same here! I wouldn't worry too much,my daughter tends to reach new milestones out of the blue...
  • What you mean not crawling, not even a tiger pull? Or just not on the hand and knees thing?
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  • DD is past 8 months and still not crawling.  She can turn herself around on the floor, but still isn't really dragging herself on the floor and definitely isn't crawling on hands and knees.

    She stands up though with something to lean her hands on just fine.  Some babies develop differently, and some babies even skip crawling and go straight to walking.  I wouldn't worry too much, but always good to check in with your ped!
  • he can turn himself around the floor but if I try to do hands and knees he won't even do that... it's nice to hear I'm not the only one with an 8 month old that's not crawling, but oh boy do I hate comments from other ppl comparing my kid with their crawling/ almost walking babies. makes me feel bad like if I'm doing something wrong or like if there's something wrong with my baby. thank you all for sharing.
  • I would not worry as crawling is not a milestone as some babies skip it altogether and go straight to standing/walking, plus every baby is different
  • I wouldn't worry to much. Some babies never crawl they go straight to walking. My baby girl could pull herself around on floor by 7 months but couldn't sit up. Then all in one day she started sitting up and pulling up. Remember all babies are different.
  • KnbhKnbh member
    My DS didn't crawl until he was just over 8 months. That said, his crawling is more of a military style low crawl. Others made comments that he's starting late, but he's strong, smart and happy. I would only be worried if the pediatrician was worried.
  • My DD is also almost 8 months and has no interest in crawling. She can pull herself up to stand and loves to try and move her feet while standing, so I think she may just skip crawling and go straight to walking. I wouldn't worry about it, a lot of babies don't crawl until 9 months and some never crawl!
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  • My lil guy is just 8 months and he is just getting the crawling down.  He started with sitting up on his own, turning in a circle then crawling.  It seems like he gets frustrated and then tries to stand up!  LOL!  He started doing all of this pretty much all at once about 10 days ago.  Your little guy sound fine to me!  Maybe he will be like mine and just start doing it all at once ;))
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  • My LO will be 8 months tomorrow she does a low back crawl, spins around and has been sitting unassisted since 4.5months. Yesterday I saw her sat up by herself but she hasn't crawled on her hands and knees. Last week someone asked if she was walking yet and that she should at least be crawling making me feel terribly too.
  • My son is 9 months and just started crawling. He showed no signs or interest, then boom he was across the room. I had just finished telling my mom I didn't think he would ever crawl. It really does happen out of no where.

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  • Don't worry at all. The day after Adele turned 8 months she started crawling. Just out of the blue. It's like they get it in their heads one day and just do it. Don't beat yourself up about it.
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  • PinksundropsPinksundrops member
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    My guy is just 9 months and still army crawling like he has been for the last two months. Now I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to encourage him to hands and knees. He's also not pulling up to stand either. He'll stand once he's up but we have to put him up. He doesn't stay by himself holding up for more than thirty seconds before falling down either. Wonder if there's something I can do to help teach him to pull to stand too.
  • vailan1vailan1 member
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    hi!!! well im still trying with my baby cause he won't crawl. I am taking him to a baby gym so he sees other babies and maybe he'll want to crawl, but the doctor and the ppl from the gym said he's fine cause he does tries everything a baby his age would and responds well according his age maybe he will skip this phase.
  • vailan1vailan1 member
    hi everyone!!! so my baby started to crawl last night!!! he's 10months now and it's great to see him explore everything around him.
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