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Saturday poll

Jazma11Jazma11 member
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who's ready for another....

Saturday poll 64 votes

Yup, already pregnant!
6% 4 votes
4% 3 votes
Not trying but not preventing. If it happens, it happens!
9% 6 votes
Not ready yet, but soon.
21% 14 votes
Not even close!
18% 12 votes
Are you insane?
3% 2 votes
We are not even sure if we want more
15% 10 votes
We are done!
20% 13 votes

Re: Saturday poll

  • Not yet. We might start trying in a year, if we decide that we 100% want a third kid. Right now we are pretty sure we do, but I also know that will mean another increase in crazy to our lives.
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  • Done! I'd love to have a little girl but I can't chance 3 wild boys, lol

    Baby Boy #2 is on the way!

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  • TTC and hoping my period doesn't show up this weekend. The wait is hard!
  • Waiting one more month then ttc!!
  • I go back and forth....nothing until after the surgery and things normalize...
  • Talltrees82Talltrees82 member
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    I told DH no pregnancies in 2015. As much as I would love to have two littles close together in age, it's not going to work for us financially for another maternity leave and daycare. But part of me kind of hopes for an "oops"! ;)
  • We were going to wait until later this year but decided to start. This is the first month we are not preventing and actively trying. Still have about 3 weeks til we know if we will have a 2015 baby or a 2016 baby.
  • Wow...I admire those of you who are pregnant or ttc. We are definitely one and done. My husband is quite a bit older than me and I don't think we could handle another one with the stuff we want to do in the future. Unless there's an oops, of course. How exciting for y'all!
  • I'm pregnant due in October exhausted and nauseous!
  • We're planning on TTC early next year. I have been getting baby fever the past couple months though....we'll see!
  • We're pregnant! Due December 2015. First ultrasound Wednesday. Hoping for good news! :)
  • Done and Done. DD was our second and DS was just turning 2 when she was born...tubes are tied and DH is lined up for a vasectomy! After 2 HR pregnancies with pre-term babies, when the doctor told us not to push our luck for a third we agreed. 
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