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37+5 Water vs. urine?

This morning I had the sudden urge to puke as soon as I got to work. I was on my knees and every time I heaved, a lot of liquid came out and I ended up having to get undies and pants brought for me to change. I never checked my underwear or even thought I could have potentially broke my water. About 10 minutes ago I had to pee. When I was done and bending to wipe, liquid shot (tmi sorry) out onto my hand and then trickled for 5 more seconds. I know they say the water has a sweet smell but my hands smell like my body wash and I cant tell?! No contractions, no pain, and I've been passing my mucus plug over the last few days. Sorry so long but I really need advice.

Re: 37+5 Water vs. urine?

  • You should call your doctor and go get it checked out. The water can regenerate but you should always get it checked to make sure baby is ok.

    When my water broke, it was different than pee in that I couldn't hold it in or stop it in any way. It was mainly colorless (a slight pinkish tint) and odourless.
  • when your water breaks, it doesnt stop leaking until you deliver. mine was a slow trickle for hours and the nurse said it wouldnt stop till he came out :/
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  • Wear a pad. If you are sloshing about continuously then you need to contact your provider. Seeing as how you are not 40w (full term), you need to tell them anyway. Telephone it in & see what they say.

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