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anyone been to NYC?

This isn't really a 24+ month question, but these boards are so deal lately I'm just trying to get some opinions.
My daughter has been asking to go to the Empire State Building and we were thinking of doing this for her 5th birthday. Under 6 is free, so only my husband and I need to pay, anyone know if it's worth going to the 102nd floor for and extra $20/adult, or is the 86th good enough? We'll probably go on a weekday morning, I went a few years ago but forget, is there much to see or will she be uninterested? At the time we go there will be no lights, but she'll also be able to see more of the city. She wants to go because we can see it from our house so she gets a kick out of it when they do light shows and stuff. Plus she loves going to the city, if the weather is nice we'll probably do Central Park after. We'll also have our almost 3 year old with us

Re: anyone been to NYC?

  • Just went in November when family was visiting us (we live north of NYC but rarely do the tourist stuff anymore!). 86th floor is impressive enough. If you are going to spend extra $, do it on the fast passes that let you bypass the lines (it's really expensive, though, so might be worth waiting until you get there to upgrade if the line is long). We had a 3 hour wait Thanksgiving weekend. It was extra crowded because of the holiday, but still could easily be a 60-90 minute wait time without the fast pass. Bring snacks or get food from one of the street vendors before you get in line (they'll let you eat in line), and I'm not sure how much the viewfinder things on the observation deck cost, but I think they take quarters, so you might want to have some handy.

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