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How many guests are you having at your shower?

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OK, ladies, I know we've talked a lot about showers, but I haven't found anything about this particular aspect. How many people are invited to your shower? I'm having 2 (one on my side and one on DH's side). DH's family is huge and his mom is inviting everyone she knows it seems like. She sent me a spreadsheet today with the names and addresses to let me know she's sent it to an aunt who is in charge of invites and it's 185 people! I'm super grateful for the shower, but I would be willing to bet I don't know who 3/4 of them are (extended family/old family friends/ people from church). Went over the list with DH and he knew most of the names but didn't really know who the people were. I mentioned to her that I was a little uncomfortable with that amount of guests and she just laughed. I guess she's been to showers for most of them and feels like they should come to mine, but I honestly feel like it's going to look like we're just trying to get gifts. Plus, what pregnant woman (I'll be 30 weeks at this shower) wants a bunch of strangers staring at her? I know I'll just have to grin and bear it but I'm completely overwhelmed and just wondering if anyone else is having that many people at their shower.
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