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I'm having a boy, so should I dress in boy colors: blue, green, orange...etc???? I saw a cute pink top, but I didn't know if I should wear it since I'm having a boy....LOL

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  • No need to dress to baby's sex - wear what you like!
  • Cute idea to dress in blue though!

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  • Great question! I was looking around for an outfit for my shower and really wanted to wear a pink top but I'm having a boy so I put it back. Good advice!
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    I say buy whatever you like! Don't change your clothing options just because of the sex of the baby inside you. :)
  • Last night I was wearing a lavender top at a social gathering and someone thought that meant I was having a girl. My mum could not get over how ridiculous that was. There is literally no connection between the clothes you wear and the genitalia of the baby inside you. They could not be less connected. And that's leaving aside the whole nonsense of what society terms "boy colours" and "girl colours" because that's stupid as well. 
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  • No. I never even thought of this. I have a pink nursing cover and 2 boys. It is MY fashion accessory, not theirs. And boys can wear pink too!
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  • I wore purple for my shower with my son, because I like purple. I'm pretty sure my color selection hasn't affected him at all. However, it makes me feel pretty.
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