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Protein in urine but normal BP

i'll be 29 weeks on Sunday. Today was my glucose test and appt. I have anxiety so asked if I could wait to get Bp taken at end of appt. when the dr came in she told me I had 2+ protein in my urine and she was going to order a pre-e blood test. Then we had the regular appt and everything was good with weight, baby was measuring right on and hb was good. Then the nurse came in and took my blood pressure and it was 122/80. For me that is excellent at a dr office because of my anxiety. I take my own blood pressure at home twice a day and it usually is at 115/62 - around there. So then the doctor came back in and said she wasn't going to send in my blood work because my blood pressure was great and she wasn't concerned --- but now I am!!!!

Does anyone else have a similar experience? This is my 3rd baby and I have never had pre-e.
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Re: Protein in urine but normal BP

  • Other things can cause protein in the urine. And sometimes it just happens.  Just monitor it, and watch for other signs. Like headaches, spots, nausea and such.
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  • You can have protein in your urine and normal blood pressure with HELLP syndrome. This post seems a little old so I think you would definitely know by now if that was the case - but if you are still concerned and it hasn't been done yet, I would recommend you push your doctor to check your blood work.
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