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Help! Low milk supply!

I am almost 9 weeks pp and went back to work this week. I am pumping 3rimes a day and once overnight. Over the week I have notice my milk supply dropping dramatically. What happened??? Now, for his 4:30am feeding he's nursing like when he was cluster feeding and ur ran dry after an hour of nonstop nursing and it's only been 5-10min! Feeling sad...wants to do this for 6months not just 2! Is this normal and will my supply rebound? Should I pump more often? Go buy mother's milk tea? Any and all suggestions would be so nice!!!!

Re: Help! Low milk supply!

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    When my daughter started cluster feedings I felt the same way. I got mothers milk tea but I put 4 tea bags in a Tupperware jug filled with water & put it in the fridge. It was easier for me to drink that way- and you could probably bring that to work. After a few days I was pumping more than I ever had. Good luck & don't stress!
  • fenugreek, keep pumping and nurse as much as possible when you are home.  on your days off, sit on the couch and nurse and nurse and nurse. and nurse
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  • Fenugreek! My milk supply was getting low so I take them about 2 times aday and I take 2 pills each time and my milk supply has gone up so much and he finally has just the right Amount I even have extra to pump and freeze for when I go back to work!
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