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cottage cheese like throw up on my newborn!

Does anybody know why my baby would throw up look like a cottage cheese milk? Hes being extra fuzzy.. We really dont know what to do. Had my breastmilk gone bad or something?

Re: cottage cheese like throw up on my newborn!

  • Nope, he just has a tummy ache. Gas most likely. Your milk can't go bad. My baby will do that when he over eats sometimes. Or gets the hiccups. Wipe it off and play with your baby :)
  • Thank you very much for the advice.. luckily we made it through the night and hes doing better
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  • He may have acid reflux. I had to take my little one to a pediatric gastroenterologist and he said whenever it's cottage cheese like it's a sign that acid is coming up.
  • If its been more than an hour since feeding it will look more like cottage cheese. I was having the same concern because my baby seems to spit up all the time but he said as long as she is seems content and is putting on weight its nothing to worry about. Their sphincter from their esophagus to their stomach is still maturing. She fusses sometimes but most of the time she spits up and goes about her business like its nothing so I would say unless your baby continues to fuss every time he spits up and is still feeding normally its ok.
  • That's pretty normal for milk that has been partially digested or sitting in the stomach.
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