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My ob delivers at St Clare. I really like her and would like to stay with her. Opinions? I have always assumed I would go to St Luke's or Mercy. How important is Dr vs hospital? Anyone with recent experience at St Clair? Most of the reviews I have read are 4+ years old. I wonder if they ha've maintained since opening? Any advice is appreciated! I am only at 8.5 weeks, but if I need to switch docs I would rather do it sooner than later!

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  • I would ask your doctor if there is any way she can make special arrangements for St. Luke's or Mercy.  You should be happy with both your doctor and the hospital you deliver at.  :)  If she wont make arrangements maybe switching doctors is the best option for you.  There are a lot of great OBs that deliver at Mercy.  Since you have time on your side, at this point, its worth the try. :)  Good Luck!
  • You want to be comfortable with your doctor but at the same time, the hospital's staff (nurses, etc.) do most of the work. I chose my doctor based on which hospitals they have privileges at (Barnes, MoBap, and a couple others).Of course, I chose my doctor before I was pregnant with the knowledge that within 5 years I wanted to have a baby.

    You should ALWAYS choose your doctors (even regular MD) based on which hospitals are listed in their profile, reviews, and location. (Those are my top three!) You're in St. Louis so you know there are different hospitals and each one has its own positives and negatives.

    As far as St. Clare goes, a coworker's sister has had two babies there in the last four years and has had good experiences. My coworker has even decided to have her future babies there.

    Mommy to an angel baby and a sweet little girl Earth side.
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  • is a good website that rates doctors and tells if they have been sued or not. My pediatrician is Dr. Michael Barron in Richmond Heights. Dr. Kara Mayes I think it is has good ratings with Mercy Hospital. Don't go to st. Mary's hospital. Bad experience there and unprofessional. When I was in middle of labor they discharged me. I had to be transported to Barnes.
  • Don't know anything about St.Clair... but I think choosing your doctor is just as important as the hospital you want to give birth at. My OB is Dr. Deborah Konkol she is affiliated with Mercy Hospital. I made sure before my 1st doctor's appointment that my OB would be affiliated with the one hospital I liked. She also delivers at St. Clair and MoBap. Before switching doctors -- if you really like her, do a hospital tour of St. Clair and get a feel for it. Ask other moms around that may have delivered there.

    If you want to switch your OB I think you can go to St. Luke's or Mercy's website and search for doctors that deliver there as well. I recommend my OB -- healthgrades gave her like 3 stars, but my personal experience with her was wonderful.
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