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When do I move on from NB diapers?

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So my lo weighs about 9 pounds now and the NB CDs still fit her but they are noticeably tighter on her. When did you move up a size - at what age/weight?

Thank you!

ETA: I'm going to use the OS ones

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Re: When do I move on from NB diapers?

  • Whenever they fit without gaps at the legs. It a different for all brands and babies. DS was a couple weeks old, but he was a big baby. Most brands say 10 lbs but newborns tend to have skinny legs that leave gaps, even when they fit the weight recs.
  • Depending on the brand, 9 days to 2 months. FB elite OS fit at 9 days/7.5lbs when the cord came off. RaRz OS fit by 5 weeks, bum genius and happy heiny were closer to 2 months/10 lbs. Tots bots was 12 weeks. And the cheapies (rebranded alvas) took til 3 months because my LO had skinny legs.
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  • When they start leaking. Or when the covers start leaving marks.
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  • My son fit in newborn covers for at least three months.
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  • We moved up when he started leaking all the time. I think it was at about 2 months.
  • It really does depend on the brand and your little one but on average around 10-12 lbs. or 2-3 months.
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