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Is it okay for Middle name to be random?

We are expecting a girl and both sides of the family have been very competitive with each other already. If we pick a family name from one side, the other will be upset. Even if we went with two middle names it would still be an argument over the order. We ended up choosing a runner-up first name for her middle name. Is it okay to not name your child after anything/anyone meaningful? Thanks!

Re: Is it okay for Middle name to be random?

  • DMELDMEL member
    Of course it's ok, it's your child. I say if you create it, you get to name it
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  • My daughters will be random. We just like the way it sounds. :)
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  • It won't be random, it will be your daughters name unique to just her. Trying to make family happy is exhausting ;-)
  • Goodness, that sucks about the families acting that way! I think it's fine to not have a special significance! It's all about what you and dad like!
  • JC714JC714 member
    My daughter is randomly named and this baby will be as well....there's so much drama surrounding naming a child..we haven't told anyone (except fellow bumpies) our choices this time around.
  • It's your baby so of course name her whatever you please! My older daughter has two middle names and neither are of any significance. Other than when I was reading a book and really liked the little girl's name in it. This time around I chose family names for middle names but only because we wanted them, no one forced them.
  • Thanks mamas! It feels good to know I'm not the only one doing that! There's so much stress with getting ready for a baby that I can only make sure DH and I are happy. We kept her name a secret but we let our families know not to expect a so-and-so jr.
  • It is totally okay for the first AND middles names to be random. For DS we picked a non-family name because we liked it. I dont think that either family should expect to have the baby named after anyone. Its up to you two and should be something you love. My daughter will have a family name, but only because my husband and I both love it and because the name comes from an amazing woman whom we both want to celebrate. Another word of advice if you haven't already, dont tell anyone, at least in the family the name you have chosen beforehand. The only people I have told have been complete strangers ;)  Have fun with baby naming!
  • Our first son is named after my FIL. But this one isn't named after anyone. Name your baby whatever you want. It's totally ok to not name your baby after anyone.
  • I feel tied to the middle name Jean because it's my moms and my middle name but I SO wish I had the guts to leave it behind because I would love to name her Celia Mae instead of Celia Jean.. So I say go for the random name that you like best and avoid the drama all together!
  • Our first two have a name after someone but this baby has a name that I chose because of the meaning. It's special for you and your husband and any reason will be unique.
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