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Stroller/Carseat please!

We are in the process of creating our registry.  My parents have stated they would like to purchase our stroller/carseat for us. 
Our requirements:
Must have decent suspension (live on a country road with no sidewalks, we would like to take walks in the evenings with our dogs)
Must have decent sized wheels, preferably 4 (not the double 4)
Must fold fairly compact
Must be of decent quality (Not all plastic, would like it to last more than one child)
Preferably lightweight (20-30 lb range)
Preferably compatible with carseat
Extra Plus':
Lots of storage
storage tray for parents and/or child
$350 is about the top of our budget for the combination, but pieces do not need to come together.

Current Top picks are Chicco Bravo System and Graco Modes System.  Does anyone currently have and use either of these?  What are your thoughts? When we looked at them in the store, the Graco Modes was our favorite until we noticed how much taller it was when folded than the Chicco Bravo.  That made us change our vote to the Chicco Bravo.  We are open to other suggestions as well!  What has worked for you?
Thank you!

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