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My son is 21 months old and diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. We have started OT for SI. Suddenly about a week ago he has been reaching for objects in books like they are real and becomes frustrated when they are not. Is this normal? Why does he do this?


  • I think at 21mo this is quite normal for a child to do - at 5yo, not so much. I remember my little boy would lean in to try to eat the apple in the photo LOL

    Have you thought of getting books with different textures? That may be quite enjoyable for your LO.
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  • I have 4 kiddos, two diagnosed w SPD, and that behavior seems fairly age-appropriate. Bring it up w your OT, but I second the idea of texture books and maybe some of those peek a boo books w the flaps and doors in them. Or one w a mirror.
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