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Bra recommendation

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Do any of you have a recommendation for a bra that is super comfy, no under wires, but not necessarily a sports bra or nursing bra? I'm 30 weeks pregnant with twins and this underwire just isn't cutting it anymore. Thanks ladies!
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Re: Bra recommendation

  • Bravada. Those are the best!!!
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  • I found that nursing bras in general are just so much more comfortable. I bought one with underwire and one without from Kohl's online- they have a nice selection!
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  • I have stocked up on Coobie bras.  They are super comfortable but unfortunately you may find them sports bra-ish.  There are a couple of styles less so and they always have sales so you're not spending a ton of money.  I'm still on the hunt for the perfect maternity/nursing bra :/
  • I've been really happy with the Gap Body ones....  I think I even found one of them on Ebay new for cheaper then what you can get at Gap.
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