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Roll Call

How is everyones week so far????


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Re: Roll Call

  • Can't complain too much. Teething but we're getting through it. :)
  • Horrible:( LO no longer can sleep in the Magic Sleep Suit, my mom
    Made him a slee sack which is not working the same, he is now in his crib (so I stare at the monitor all night) and he is waking every hour to 2 hours. Trying to teach him to sleep on his own but I can't stand the crying :( and he's teething but no teeth.
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    Little guy did great with brown rice cereal mixed with pears and bananas. Thinking of going with baby led weaning. Educating myself on it first. Ba-ba-ba babbling has started and he's a human Rollie pollie. Gonna start peas and apples this week. Almost done with baby bullet beginner solid list for 4-6. (I think squash is the last one) Then I want to start mixing and adding flavor.

    Sleep is good, getting good hours, not all through the night but meh he will get there. Trying to be consistent with putting back into crib after night feedings. 2 for 3. The last is usually at 5 or 6 in the morning and I just leave him in bed with me to get a good 3-3.5 hours in. :) totally worth it!
  • Get the Baby led weaning book!!! I loved it and I am doing it with my DD! 


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  • My DD has been really cranky this week. I think its her teeth and she been eating alot more this week. 


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  • Sleep has been a transition this week. We took away the pacifier for sleep and now are working to drop his early morning feed, since he wasn't interested in breakfast really. Not cool buddy to wake mom to eat then not want breakfast. Otherwise good! Swimming lessons are awesome. Getting into the swing of my new, part time, work from home job, it's nice enough I am slowly starting to run again.
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