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Not sure if this is appropriate for this board, so please tell me if it's not.  Gave birth last night to DD3.  As with our other pregnancies, we chose not to do the Nuchal Transulancy.  At the 20 week ultrasound there were marker for Down Syndrome and a kidney issue that was non life threatening.  After discussing it with DH, we did not do any further testing to confirm the DS.  She was born last night based on her facial features she does appear to have DS.  We will be doing a blood test this week to confirm and following up with the urologist for her kidneys.  Our Nurse Practioner came last night to see her and heard a small murmur.  She thought it sounded more like a "normal" newborn murmur vs a heart defect, but ordered an EKG and Echocardiogram to be sure.  She has nursed well so far and the lactation consultant is coming this morning.  Interested to hear from other mom's of babies with Down Syndrome about how your first few days/weeks were, and anything you found especially helpful for you, DH, or your other children.  Thanks.  
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