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"Period" while pregnant...

This is my first time "trying" to conceive, or rather, not preventing conception. I am totally the type of person that thinks every little symptom could be pregnancy (mostly because I want it so badly), but i'm also the type of person who does copious amounts of research to see what could be symptoms, and what is just my imagination. Now, I am aware that you don't actually have "periods" while being pregnant, you're no longer ovulating, and you aren't shedding your lining, however, I have a few questions that maybe you guys can help me out with? Me and my husband had sex on my peak ovulation day. Two days before my period was expected, I had a really sharp pain in my abdomen. This wasn't a burning cramp like I would normally have before my period. It was a twingy, sharp, stabbing pain that lasted about an hour. At this point my boobs were sore and tingly and my nipples hurt to the point where I couldn't have anything touching them. I have had diarrhea and gas, as well as mild fatigue and back aches. I got sick a few days before the sharp feeling. I had a sore throat and cough, and I normally never get sick. So i'm thinking to myself THIS IS IT! Unfortunately, a day after I was supposed to menstruate, I had a weird experience. Normally my periods start with a light brown discharge, leading up to 4 days of heavy bleeding and then like 2-3 days of lighter bleeding, tapering off to no more brown/pink discharge. This was different. I woke up and went to the bathroom and peed out a large blood clot. I bled for 2 days pretty heavily, with more clots both days. The third day the heavy bleeding stopped completely and I had a very light flow for the next day. On the 4th day, I stopped bleeding entirely. Not only is this a shorter period than I've ever had, it's also weirder (with more clots and lighter in general, although still heaver than I would expect if I were pregnant). 
After the period I've been still fatigued, still crampy, my back hurts, I have diarrhea, and headaches. My boobs are tingly and twingy, and mildly sore. I'm so confused because I really think that was my period, but why do I still have cramps and weird symptoms that I normally wouldn't have after my period. Is this really all in my head?

Thanks for the advice! I genuinely appreciate it and am so excited to see what will come for me and my husband over the next few years while we try and start our family. 

Re: "Period" while pregnant...

  • What did the test say?
  • I would say you had your period but if you want you can always take a test. Also how were you preventing getting pregnant before I know my periods changed when I got off the pill.
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  • I had something similar happen once. I just finally had to convince myself it was just my period. At first I thought it was implantation bleeding and then I started getting the clots. I had slipped on the stairs again a day or two before so in the back of my mind I thought I might be having an early miscarriage. It was close to my period so I just figured that it's more likely just a weird period.
  • It sounds like you have some kind of viral illness combined with a weird period.  I would assume that something like a virus could throw your cycle off a little bit.  You could take a pregnancy test if you think you might be pregnant.
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    Kind of sounds like a miscarriage...
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    Could be a chemical pregnancy, but there is almost no chance you are pregnant with that much bleeding. Sorry. :( 
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