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tmi warning hemorrhoids

So ladies I am 38 weeks 3 days. I am being induced Friday morning. We'll sincexpect my last ob visit last Thursday I have developed a horrible case of hemorrhoids :( I have about 3 internal and one external that has started to shrink in size. I have no pain really but I am super worried that I am going to cause serious damage during delivery seeing I already have them. I know it's not a for sure thing but I had an epistomity with my first and having another would be fine except my external one located right where I will be having it... I am healing fine right now but I am super worried. I upped my fiber and water no hard stools. Using tucks and prep h on occasion to help with the healing. Any words of wisdom?

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  • Can you opt to not have an epistotomy? The place I will be delivering at does not routinely give them.

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  • Sitz baths & continue the cream. Episiotomy should not be routine and really only used in case of dire need. My Midwife & OB doesn't cut unless you absolutely need it. It's better to tear naturally.

    Can you insist they avoid the scalpel?

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  • I had them with my first and was really worried too. I mentioned to my nurse when she checked me upon induction. She assured me they/it was not as bad as I thought and would be fine. She was right. Sorta. I ended up having laser hemorrhoid procedure done about 9 months after DS was born. So, my advice is to let yours nurse know your concerns. Good luck :)

  • I'm sure you'll be fine, but you should talk to your OB to make sure. I also had an episiotomy with my first, but my dr said it's unlikely I'll need another (they don't normal preform them, just when really needed). I also believe there are different ways they can make the cut, so I'm sure they could avoid any problem areas.
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