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9 days

9 days till my expected period, hoping for that bfp. Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: 9 days

  • I've still got quite a bit. My last AF was on the 25th, and according to my chart, I don't think I've OV'd yet. This is my first month charting plus DS has been super sick so I have not been consistent with taking my temp at the same time each morning. Nor have I had a good nights rest since the night of the 27th. O_o

    FXd you get your BFP! Good luck!!
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  • If you are still 9 days away from your period, you are likely only about 6 days past ovulation which is too early for a BFP since implantation generally doesn't occur until 7-10 days past ovulation.  This also assumes you ovulated when you expected you would. 




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  • I know about ovulation not taking a test today but after my period is expected. Meant to say im taking a test after 9 days. :)No I don't know if it will be technically late since I'm not charting but I can still test till it shows up or I get a bfp.
  • Seven days wait on AF for me, doctors app tomorrow and I think its still too early to test. But we shall see. I just hate getting a dreaded bfn. Four months TTC for us but I'm not too concerned at this point, I've stressed too much previous to keep doing that routine. If it is a yes well be ecstatic. Good luck everyone!
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