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deodorant/antiperspirant help

Ok so I've tried a few different all natural deodorants, but nothing is working. I STINK!! and am out of ideas ive tried crystals and natures gate. I need some guidance, im ready to give up and go back to my regular stuff. Any brand suggestions? Im also a heavy sweater, and live in so cal so it warm.

Re: deodorant/antiperspirant help

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    Ths is definitely a person by person thing, but hubby likes Herban Cowboy unscented and it works super well for him. I don't think I sweat all that much, but I am a little stinky a the end of the day if I use that one. Nourish Organics worked really well for me, but has a lot of coconut oil I guess and got some of my clothes "greasy." Piper Wai is charcoal based and works superbly for me, but you have to scoop it out and rub it on...not a huge deal, but a little annoying sometimes. I haven't found my perfect match yet, but Piper Wai is the best so far! And it smells really good to me :)
    Tom's of Maine is a waste of time IMO. I am using a roll on now made by home health products that works well, but its scent stinks like crazy! (Plus, I apparently didn't read the ingredients correctly on Vitacost and it does have some questionable ones)

    Edit: I live in Georgia, so we get lots of heat and humidity!!
  • Just curious are we not suppose to use regular deodorant while pregnant? If so I didn't know... Anyone know why?
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  • I'm all about natural body care, except for deodorant. Doesn't work for me. I use Dove ultimate & it's pretty much all that works for me.
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  • As far as a natural deodorant, I have no idea. But Secret Clinical Strength is awesome. I'm in Florida and it's all I use.
  • I second the opinion that Tom's is no good. It turned my armpits a dark brown color (not good because I'm as white as they come lol) and made them itch like crazy and when I read the reviews it said that skin discoloration and itchiness are common side effects. Not for me, nope.
  • v1wwov1wwo member
    So I use Arm & Hammer Essentials deodorant and I really could not be more happy with it.
  • I use secret clinical strength. Works great for me.
  • I also use Secret Clinical Strength, after I had DD there was nothing that could stop my BO except that. I'm at the point now where I can only put it on every 2-3 days, but it is literally the only thing that worked. I've heard the same as pp about Toms not working.
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  • I use Women Mitchum Invisible Solid, Pure Fresh ... started using it when other deodorants weren't working as well for me a few years ago and I've found this works great for me! I get it at Target.
  • Lemon slices work for deodorizing, but won't curb sweat. Check out Dr. Oz he did a show all about it
  • Dove words for me! I've never heard of giving up deodorant when pregnant. In GA it's a requirement bc of our heat :)

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  • You mentioned crystals so maybe you have already tried this but I use thai crystal deodorant spray mist. I get it at whole foods or Amazon. In the winter it works great, doesn't hold up as well in the summer but I still try to get by with it if I'm not going anywhere. If I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding I sometimes use speed stick unscented for men.
  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    For those curious - it may not be a pregnancy thing at all for the OP. Aluminum in deodorants may cause cancer so she may just want aluminum-free deodorant for general health. I'm speculating since I haven't seen her update yet.

    OP - I haven't found any naturals that have worked for me either. They all leave me smelling a lot more earthy than my husband or I care for, so the search continues.
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  • Herban cowboy is my all time favorite.
    Like you I've tried MANY of the all natural deoderants and none have worked like this one.
  • @ wddch I'm trying to get away from the aluminum and all the other crap than we put on our bodies that our babies can be exposed to. Here's a link about the deodorants and pregnancy
  • I'm following. Ever since I became pregnant with my first, I STINK! Nothing works. The only things that semi helps is secret cocoa butter
  • You might try lavanila--it smells sooooo good but made my sensitive skin break out. Happens with lots of deodorants for me though. I like the roll on lavender white tea crystal but I have to apply it more than once a day. Desperate to make the switch for good before I start BF'ing especially! You can try making your own too with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils

    @cuppylove im going to try that!
  • I'm in AZ, and I swear by secret clinical strength. It's a good buy from Costco. Even in 100+ degree weather it stops smell and actually prevents some sweat-
  • JLD86JLD86 member
    I switched to primal pit paste over a year ago, and had my husband change over as well. Both of us are very happy. There are a bunch of kinds with baking soda, and if you're skin is sensitive there are some with oils instead. Both work great. I have switched all my soaps, shampoos, cosmetics.... I feel better knowing it's safe! :)
  • @quincysmommy I use Secret Cocoa Butter too! But, I have noticed I've been kind of stinky since getting pregnant! So many body changes!
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  • kjs08kjs08 member
    I use Degree clinical strength in the summer and whatever the sport one is the rest of the time. I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as an avid runner and although I don't sweat a ton unless it's really warm out, I really stink and they work for me. I've tried other brands that didn't work as well on me anyway. 
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  • Tom's is the only natural one that I like, funny. If I want something more powerful I just get a regular deodorant that is unscented and no antiperspirant. At least still avoiding aluminum and some extra chemicals. I think speed stick makes an unscented one and it works well.
  • Lavender lavanilla from sephora is great! It stays on all day unless I get really sweaty.
  • I use vanilla ylang-ylang By Green Bean Soap co.
  • Thanks to @cuppylove for recommending herban cowboy! I am SHOCKED that it a) actually works b) isn't sticky and c) doesn't smell like a tree. Rejoice!!
  • Although this one isn't all natural, I use Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical, it's only 12% aluminum chloride so it isnt TOO concentrated. I asked my doctor prior to using it, to make sure it wouldnt hard me or my baby, and he said it was fine to use since it wasnt insanely concentrated. Since I'm a heavy sweater as well, it reallllly helped me and I would highly recommend using it. Antiperspirant is best for oversweaters, and deodorant is best for body odor
  • Hi everybody. I'm also planning to switch to natural deodorant but I'm also a heavy sweater. I know that natural deodorants are much healthier for our skin, but do they really work? I've read an inetersting article at about Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant and I'm thinking about trying it out. Has anyone had any experience with this deodorant?

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