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Advice Please: Transitioning from RNP to crib

Hi guys,
My son is 4 1/2 months and he's been sleeping in his rock n play since he was 5 weeks. He's starting to grow out of it though because he's really long, so I'm in the process of trying to move him to his crib. The RNP was really cozy and he loved it, so he cries just about every time I lay him in the crib. I've tried putting a pillow at one end of his crib so it doesn't appear so big and spacious and I also put one of my shirts inside so my scent will be close to him.
Does anyone have any other good tips to make the transition smoother?

Re: Advice Please: Transitioning from RNP to crib

  • jannaj87 said:

    Patience, time, and lots of coffee. Good luck.

    this. We did the transition at 6 weeks and it took about a week for her to get used to the crib, then we did a lot of travelling and she actually adapted to change in sleep place pretty well after the first transition.
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  • Put the baby in the crib when he is awake, like when you are folding laundry, cleaning in the room, etc. Get him used to it.

    When we transitioned, I rolled up blankets and put them under the crib sheet, on each side of DD to make her feel cozy. No idea if it mattered to her but she is sleeping great in the crib so something worked.  

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  • Spend a few weeks getting baby used to naps in the crib first - start with one nap a day and work from there.
  • I slept in the nursery with the baby during this transition. We also went cold turkey so he'd forget about the rock and play. I knew if I put him back in it, even for part of the night we'd be in trouble. The first night hr cried (and so I did while I comforted him) until 2 am, then passed out. The second night, he fell asleep at 12 am, then 10 pm, now 8 pm. He's finally comfortable now. It took about 3 weeks. Good luck!
  • Do you swaddle your baby while in the crib? The swaddling may make the baby feel snuggly like the RnP did.
  • I'm only speaking to what worked for us - I first figured out what Emma liked about the rock n play - (this was my older daughter) - I quickly realized it was the "snuggly" feeling - so I kept her swaddled - and discovered she liked to rub her face against the side - so I put her on her side (this will increase the SIDS risk some and so it depends on you and your doctors position on it) - and put a small soft snuggly lovey under her face - she slept like that until she started rolling to her stomach (we unswaddled before then) - what I did during the transition is I put her down in her crib for the night- if / when she woke up I then moved her back to her rock n play.  I did that until she was sleeping until normal wake up time - then I ditched it completely.  IT took about a week.

    Hannah (my youngest) - was sleeping in the rock n play and got to long - I moved her right to the crib - tried her on her back once - she didn't like - put her on her side (both my girls had to be birthed with me on my side because of low blood pressure - and they have both loved to sleep on their side... no idea why) - and she slept no transition issue at all.
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  • These are all really good ideas, thank you! I'm about 5 days in and he went from waking up every hour to waking up 4 times. Seems to be getting better each night. I appreciate the advice!
  • What worked for us (Keep in my LO transitioned to crib at 1 month) I first started with nap time in crib, we also swaddled her (arms out).  After a about 2 weeks of nap time in crib we moved to nights.  It was a little rough the first couple of nights.  Then when she was about 3 1/2 months we stopped swaddling and even started to put her in the crib whens she was still awake and so she can put her self to sleep instead of expecting us to rock her completely asleep (which sometimes there are nights harder then others).  Now she is 5 months old and sleeping through the night

    Also just like others said patience and time


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