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Recommend your LO's bed rail

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I'm in the market for one, but I'd like some recommendations from those who have one. 


Re: Recommend your LO's bed rail

  • I have an UN-recommendation -- don't buy the Babies R Us store brand rail. The material frayed horribly soon after purchase. I should have returned it. Also, if you don't clean your own house, and someone else might make the bed for you, watch out. The bracket piece on the other side of the mattress somehow got jammed THROUGH the wall and now we have a nice big hole. The things just didn't stay in place very well. I'm just going to use a pool noodle for DS2. I tried that with DS1 and it didn't stay in place very well but I'm definitely never buying a bed rail again.

    It was a lot like this, but I only bought 1, thankfully.

  • I researched the shit out of bed rails and decided just to roll up a blanket and stick it under the sheet of my son's twin bed. He's never fallen out and it's worked like a charm.
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  • I have this cushion one at home that I quite like. It's not as much of a rail as it's high cushion. I only need one for one side since the other side is against the wall. I didn't like any rail that's made of steel or hard material. This one is soft and does the incident since installation.
  • I've heard people using a pool noodle under the fitted sheet.  Cheap and easy. 
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