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Where should I live?!

Hello everyone!
Right now we live in Bucks County and unfortunately for us the school district we are in is terrible and seems to be only going downhill. Also, our taxes are astronomical compared to other cities in Bucks, so we need to get out. I want to be somewhere diverse and yet community involved. I've always dreamed of living somewhere similar to Stars Hallow (from the Gilmore Girls), but I'll take somewhere with good schools that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I have an almost four year old who may or may not be getting a new sibling over the next year or so.

Where do you live? What are some of your likes/dislikes about your area? I'm up for any and all suggestions!
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Re: Where should I live?!

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    I live in Hanover and absolutely LOVE it. But just like everywhere else, some school districts are better than others. We live in the Southwestern School District, which is the best school district in Hanover. One of the main reasons I love Hanover is because it has that small town feel and its VERY community involved. 
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